Ery Djunaedy

Ery Djunaedy Chief Scientist

Ery Djunaedy obtained a Doctorate in building physics from Building Physics and Systems research group, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands. His main interest is in the area of building performance simulation, especially the building energy and airflow simulation. He has taught building physics courses to architecture and engineering students in the Netherlands, UAE, US and now at Telkom University in Indonesia.

Ery’s expertise and experience is in the area of building performance, specifically in using the appropriate calculation tools to quantify various performance indicators. He has twenty years of experience in using various building performance simulation tools, such as the energy simulation tools (ESP-r, eQuest, EnergyPlus), the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tool (Fluent, OpenFoam), and lighting simulation tool (Radiance).

His primary passion is to provoke building designers to think about the performance of their design, and then help them use computational tools to quantify those performance indicators at the various stages of the building design. This results in a feedback for the design team for the next iteration of the design. He advocates the use of computer tools in building design, and at the same time advocates the quality control mechanism for every simulation result. He has been involved in various degrees in the design of forty high performance buildings with a total floor area of 3.4 million ft2 (or 320,000 m2) in Singapore, US, and Indonesia.

He has also focused in the performance measurement and verification for existing buildings. He has worked extensively in developing methodologies to quantify savings from energy efficiency upgrades. He has conducted energy assessments in various buildings and industrial facilities.

He has also been involved in drafting and reviewing building energy efficiency codes and standards in various jurisdictions. He has quantified the stringency level of the building code in The States of Oregon and Hawaii in the US, and help formulate the building code for the Government of Fiji. In Indonesia, he has been involved in drafting various ministerial regulations and national standards in the area of energy efficiency.